Management Practice Toolkit For Safer Roads

Management Practice Toolkit For Safer Roads

One of the main goals of our TIMA toolkit is to make roads safer and reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths. It does this by giving a practical method for finding safety risk factors that affect risk and designing corrective measures to manage and improve safety and, over time, lower costs.
We recognize that the truck driver lacks the technical credentials to do daily / monthly mechanical safety inspections on the truck and must rely on truck service intervals that occur every 6 to 10 months.
Before the driver begins the vehicle and not while the vehicle is already on the road, the ground-level management process must be implemented.

Some risk areas

  1. Driver training: Does the driver have the technical skills to do a safety inspection? Does he or she go to training programs regularly?
  2. Technical safety inspections every month: We begin with our own TIMA 47 live safety inspection points. These inspection points are not part of the driver’s daily pre-trip inspections, and a qualified technician needs to go under the truck to check them.
  3. Insightful reports at your fingertips: Do you have a useful fingertip report structure that continuously identifies trends, costs, and sends you notifications about predefined failed items?

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