1413 Digital Data Transformation

"Timeous, trustworthy data is most critical to your decision-making and management processes."

Jan Berning, TaaSA

In the past, we were happy if the trailer wheels simply kept rolling. Better yet, if we could get the GPS location data of the truck we were truly doing well. To get ahead and remain there, you need real-time data and actionable insights to drive efficiencies and cost-effective operations. Simply servicing the truck and trailer is critical, however, do you really know its health condition in detail?

To advance road safety in a positive way, it’s necessary to move away from the paper-based checklist mentality to an intelligent, easy-to-use digital tool that helps you rapidly achieve higher levels of road safety. Real-time data and the right management tools can be truly transformative for your fleet and your business.

With our TIMA and 1413 Digital Transformation Tools, you will have real-time information about the health and utilization of your trailers, whenever and wherever you need it.

SMEs Created To Date

More Than a GPS

Measure service line air pressure, emergency line air pressure, airbag pressure, weight distribution/loaded weight, tyre inflation, lights not working, ABS fault codes, kilometres – CPK (TIMA), open doors

Increase Uptime - Proactively

Be notified of potential issues and receive reports on what maintenance needs to occur, and when

Robust Powerful Platform

Delivered by 4G and developed alongside component (Wabco) suppliers for a holistic and accurate solution

One Integrated Solution

Solve problems faster by leveraging each trailer’s usage and health data with access to our national footprint